I’m Sick. Again.

I hate the type of colds where no amount of medicine unclogs your nose. The type where you blow your nose and nothing comes out. Even those stupid “nasal swelling” medicines don’t do jack. Breath right strips? What a joke. It just expands my nose, allowing for more of it to stuff up.

Not to mention when I get a cold, it almost always travels to one of my eyes. Yes, that’s right. I get one bloodshot, watery eye that makes me look like I am giving the stink eye to everyone. And I sound like a dude. A sick dude. A seriously sick dude. Not appealing at all. In fact I will answer my cell phone, and people ask to speak to me, thinking that its my husband suffering from a cold who answered the phone.

Winter is not a sexy look on me.

Stay healthy everyone. If you sick, stay the hell away from me I have my own problems to deal with!