About Kay

Kay is a busy, fun loving mom of two beautiful girls and a neurotic dog, and the wife of a avid gamer. She grew up in the suburbs of Boston and was raised by an army of outspoken, opinionated, completely awesome women. Gifted with a love of the written word, Kay is pursuing her degree in English Language and Literature, and a second degree in Communications with a focus on Professional Writing with a hope to join the publishing community.

Kay is a full time worker bee with a hefty hour and half long commute each way. If she could afford it, she would hire a chauffeur to take her to work so she could read the entire time… but alas she cannot. Plus she gets pretty car sick, so that wouldn’t work anyways. On second thought, she would like to hire a “stand in” to go to work for her. She will give them half her wage. Any takers? Darn…

Kay started Kay Froebel back in 2012 to capture all the little thoughts floating around in her over imaginative head. It soon blossomed into a site about life, parenting, working, reading, writing, and whatever else she felt like talking about. In 2013, her site gave birth to Kay’s Novel Nook, the home to all her literary and writing thoughts. KayFroebel.com continued on as a place for her every day life, and her parenting adventures.

Feel free to peruse all that is offered here, and Kay invites you to share your own thoughts and experiences.

Want to read Kay’s thoughts on awesome new books, or follow her musings on writing? Follow her on KaysNovelNook.com, on Twitter @Kayfroebel, or on Facebook.

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