Music: A Thought on Moods

I have decided that music has the ability to directly affect my mood. Driving into work today, my Pandora sucked hardcore. Literally I maxed out the skips on 6 different stations. I went from a decent mood, to a raging psychopath in the span of my 1 hour commute. Not pretty.

But after trudging up the stairs and fixing myself a second cup of coffee, I started up my Pandora again. I did so hesitantly as I was still mad at it for playing such craptastic selections, but I can’t work in silence. Immediately it played Foo Fighters. It was a wonderful apology. I forgave it. Taking it to the next step, it followed up Foo Fighters with ACDC, then Foreigners. And before I knew it, I was in a fabulous mood. I just knew today was going to be a great day! I was even ridiculously productive – scheduling a handful of meetings, and attacking my unread inbox liked a crazed, caffeine-influenced maniac. It was beautiful. Glorious even. Nothing could ruin my mood!

Then Pandora played U2 and I contemplated throwing my laptop out our second story window, then going outside and running it over a million times with my SUV, followed by an aggressive use of gasoline and fire. Productive mood depleted.

Thanks Pandora, you sadistic thing you. I’m switching to Spotify.

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