Is It Seriously Winter Already?

I know. Before you say it, I know I had wished for Fall to come just a few months ago. The thing is, I wished for FALL. Not Winter. I dislike Winter for the most part. Yes I love the holiday season, and the happy, joyful feel, but lets face it, that ends after New Years. The worst part of winter is easily commuting in the Winter. So far we have had a few little scattered flurries, but it was enough to make each highway I have to drive on a freaking parking lot. I can only imagine my commute time when the snow actually sticks to the ground. I am not looking forward to it. I have to be at work by 9, therefore I will need to leave my house at… 6 am. Oh and getting home for dinner? Sure. If I left at 3. But no. I leave at 6. Are you seeing the awesomeness yet?

Snow Traffic

Oh sweet traffic. How I despise you.

It’s not just snow I have to worry about. There are two things worse than snow. Black ice- it’s a serious bitch- and other drivers. That’s right. If someone even thinks they see snow, they immediately turn into moron. OMG It’s a snowflake! MUST STOMP ON BRAKE AND CAUSE MULTI-CAR ACCIDENT! This may not be the exact thought process, but it might as well be. Come on people. We are New Englanders. Snow is a part of life. Get over it.

It’s amusing because in January, everyone is all ahhh! Snow! then all of a sudden March hits, and we have had snow storm after snow storm and suddenly we are all we are only getting 14 inches? What a joke. That’s not a snow storm! I could drive my Prius to work in that! (If you own a Prius, stop reading my blog. Hate those cars…) However, they still suck because they don’t know how to drive in snow.

Anyone else find this bi-polarness annoying? It makes traffic that much more irritating. How? Because this is how it goes…

Driver sees snow. Driver immediately turns into idiot and doubts his ability to drive in snow. Driver causes accident. Everyone else thinks Oh no! It must be bad out, he got into an accident! Everyone else turns into an idiot and forgets how to drive in snow. They slow down. Traffic backs up. I turn into a raging monster. I run late for work. I run late getting home. The world suddenly sucks.


Driver sees snow. Thinks this isn’t snow! Driver immediately turns into idiot and overestimates his awesomeness. Begins speeding. Driver causes accident. Everyone else thinks He must be new here, look at him! Can’t even drive in a little snow! They immediately speed up and overestimate their awesomeness. They get in accidents. Traffic backs up. I turn into a raging monster. I run late for work. I run late getting home. The world still sucks.

It’s a lose lose situation. A bit dramatic? NOT AT ALL. (Okay maybe a little…)

Ice Storm

Seriously… Do you just say eff it and hibernate until spring when this happens?

Alright I am done with my rant, sort of. And no, it is not snowing. My car door was frozen shut this morning. I literally stood there yanking at my door trying to open it. When I finally did, the rubber part surrounding my door came off and I had to put it back. Then my windows were frozen shut and I couldn’t roll down my window to order my coffee. I actually had to get out of my car and go into Starbucks. I parked and opened my door and stepped right into a nice freezing puddle. All of this only served to infuriate me as it means winter really is coming. (cue GOT reference go go!)

I think I may hibernate this winter. And by hibernate I mean build a fort in my living room and refuse to come out until winter is over.

Beauty: A Thought on Autumn

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Not only do I get to dress in my super sexy boots that I seriously spend way too much money on, (according to my hubby at least) but I am also surrounded by breathtaking beauty. You see, I am lucky enough to live in a pretty fabulous region of the USA, the north east. We may be known for our sever road rage, our inability to pronounce our R’s, and for our less than amiable attitude towards tourists; however we are better known for our fall foliage.

Beginning in October, or late September, the leaves begin their decent into fall by changing into various shades of yellow, gold, orange, and red. The impact it has is stunning.

If ever decide to head to Boston, Ma you may want to aim for October. You won’t regret it! My favorite is the tree lined road. One of the things the hubby and I like to do on a Sunday afternoon is take a nice relaxing drive through the backwoods. I am excited because due to the pure awesomeness of one of my friends and her kickass family, my fiance and I will be spending our honeymoon up in the white mountains. Mountains + fall= breathtaking.


Pretty right? Now you see why Fall is my favorite season? No? You need more reasons? Well how about the coolest holiday of the year? No I am not talking about thanksgiving. Halloween is by far the coolest holiday ever. Sure Christmas you get presents, but on Halloween you get to dress up like a hooker and not be judged for it.Okay, its mostly the younger woman that dress like hookers, but still we get to pretend we are something other than what we are which rocks. Plus you add candy, spooky movies, and ghost stories and I am a happy lady. Plus, Kayla looks cute in costumes.


Little Miss Moo Moo

Cutest Ladybug EVER

Yeah I know, I make cute babies. What is your favorite part of fall?