New Beginnings

2013-4Am I the only one that thought the holidays snuck up on us? Then quickly vanished before you could really enjoy them? It was early November, not even that cold yet when suddenly everything changed. Suddenly it was three days before Christmas, and I realized I have not even started my Christmas shopping. I therefore waited in line at various stores to buy my gifts in true last minute fashion. I also noticed that I was one of the only females in line, and found the fact that I lacked all the preparation my gender seems to favor fairly amusing. Alas, I was never good at planning things out, and unfortunately last-minute shopping is quite common for me. This year I had an excuse, however, and it is this very excuse that has also kept me away from posting here, and completely disappearing from all internet related activity. You see, my honeymoon was a little too successful, and my husband and I are expecting another child.


Though we are thrilled of the news, I cannot say pregnancy and me mix very well. In fact, I despise it. I know the whole thing is supposed to be magical and wonderful, you know the whole creating life bit. But let’s face it. Pregnancy sucks. You ache, you puke, you bloat, you swell, you get fat, you cry at the SPCA commercials, and if you’re like me, you get so sick you need to be medicated. Yup, that’s right. This little momma-to-be has spent the past two months praying to the porcelain gods for hours on end, and when my stomach has emptied it’s contents, passed out on the bed because I can hardly move. Then let’s not forget the bundle of other complications, but let’s move on. As I said, pregnancy and I do not mix.

It would appear though that I am on the mend, and I am quite happy to be doing better. Biggest hurtle right now? Cravings. All I want to eat is red meat. Oh, and did I mention poultry makes me inexplicably sick? Seriously, do you have any idea how hard it is to plan meals when you can’t eat chicken? Not to mention seafood (since I hate it) or even worse, most soups? It’s freaking annoying that’s what. I know I know, it will all be worth it in the end. Come July, the new baby will make me forget all the awful things I endured during my pregnancy.

For now, I am back and will be posting about my pregnancy, as well as how my current little one is taking the news. Currently she is ecstatic and can’t wait to meet her baby sister. She refuses to acknowledge that it may be a baby brother. She says baby brothers pick their noses, so she wants a baby sister. She says if we have a boy, then we will just have to “go buy a new one.” Children are quite adorable.

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and may your 2013’s be off to a fantastic start!

6 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Lara says:

    Congratulations! I’m so with you – pregnancy stinks. And then after the pregnancy you have months of sleepless nights to looks forward to! πŸ˜‰ It’s all worth it though. I craved meat during my second pregnancy (and I am not a meat eater), and I had a boy (well, two actually). Just saying. πŸ˜‰ My daughter also wanted a sister and wouldn’t consider a baby brother. When we told her she was getting not one but two brothers, she was so mad. Now she says that she never wants to have babies when she’s older, she just wants her baby brothers.

    • kayfroebel says:

      Thanks! We were very lucky with our first one, she slept through the night at 5 weeks! (7:30pm until 7:30-8am) Before that, she would sleep 5 hours at a time. I am praying we have that again, but if not we will manage. Thankfully, we are only having 1. I don’t know how you managed twins! I do hope its a boy though πŸ™‚ Kayla and Daddy may want a girl, but I could do with one of each πŸ™‚

  2. jamieayres says:

    HUGE Congrats!!! Babies are such a blessing:-) My two daughters, 8 and 12, are now trying to convince my husband and I to have a third. They are both worried that kid #2 will be lonely when kid #1 goes to college, lol, and that their dad and I will be too. Geez . . . with that logic, I’d be prego forever. Ah, if only I had the money and time for another. But I have my students to keep me company too. And I was just like you–last minute shopping all the way. Does my debut novel coming out this month a good excuse? *Fingers crossed* hahaha

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