Moms: A Thought about Schedules

Moms: A Thought about Schedules














Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to interview an author I have been following for a while now, Krystal Wade. The details of the interview will be posted once I sit my butt down to actually finalize the post, but let’s not focus on that. During the interview, Krystal mentioned a few things that really got me thinking. Modern mothers have some serious schedules, most without a minute to spare! So what do we do with our time? The better question is what do we not do!

When we go about our day to day lives, we seldom think about how much we are actually doing. Unless we are in a frustrated mood, our busy schedules hardly register. I got to thinking about this because during my discussion with Krystal, we talked about our schedules. So to better understand just how much I have on my figurative plate, I wrote down all the major things I do. This list is just my basic responsibilities, no shopping, no bill paying, no social obligations. These are just the majorities.

First, and most importantly I am a mom. As some of you may know I am the proud mommy of a two and a half year old diva with an obsession for shoes. Those of you that are parents may cringe when I mention her age, and you should! She is in full terrible-twos mode! I am also a soon to be wife to an incredible man who helps make this crazy schedule possible. Without him, I would be lost!

The next thing is obvious, but I should still mention it. I run this blog, which is a complete blast by the way. I actually spend a lot of time reading books to review, reading other blogs to comment on, managing the social media, etc. Many of you understand this, but for those that don’t I will just say that it can be a bit time consuming, although awesomely fun.

When I am not reading, or writing for my blog you can usually find me writing in general. I write my own novels, though I hoard them like a crazy person and refuse to let the world see the big ones, which of course is most of them. Writing for me is a major stress reliever, and even if I only get a chance to write a few sentences before I can no longer keep my eyes open it is worth it.

Now for the nitty-gritty stuff, meaning my job. I work full time at a very time-demanding job that is 40 miles away from where I live. The commute sucks, but hey it’s a hour of peace that enables me to brainstorm my posts, as well as butcher my favorite songs with my loud, off-key voice. My job is great in the respect that I am kept busy, I get to travel, and I get to meet incredible, influential people in the healthcare world. Plus it pays my bills, so I can’t hate on that!

Sound busy yet? No? You need more? Okay great! I am also a full time student majoring in English Language and Literature in hopes of eventually becoming an editor. Sound fun? I certainly think so! It has been such a wonderful experience so far. I am positively thrilled to be back in school, even though it has effectively reduced the amount of sleep I get. Some people have told me I am crazy, but I just smile. Despite the crazy, hectic, often frantic days I am content with my schedule. There is not a single thing I would give up!

Oh! I am also planning a wedding which is happening in three and a half weeks! So raise your glass to the multi-tasking, I-have-more-to-do-today-than-physically-possible mothers in your life! They may not all have schedules like mine, but you can be assured it is just as hectic!

What does your schedule look like?

2 thoughts on “Moms: A Thought about Schedules

  1. Johanna K. P. (@themanicheans) says:

    I hear you when you talk about crazy schedules. Krystal has a crazy schedule and I often wonder how she does it. But she does it.

    If we want to be writers, we have to be multi-tasking. All the women I know and I interact with, who are also moms, have crazy schedules. When I meet people who are single and only have the day job to keep busy, they always wonder how there can be so much time in one single day.

    I personally don’t have children (used to be married, but getting divorced now), but I have my day job that covers about 50-60 hours a week, then I have my writing (mostly my books now – and the blogging comes last), book reading and reviewing, all the legal advice I offer on the side of my day job (and this becomes a second job since I’m legal counsel for Curiosity Quills), plus my entrepreneurial adventures and my love for tattoos. On top of that I manage the usual chores, and crazy workouts. There isn’t one minute to waste in a day.

    I’ll do nothing when I’m dead. LOL

  2. your love says:

    “Many of you understand this, but for those that don’t I will just say that it can be a bit time consuming, although awesomely fun.”

    You always have to do things for you! I am not a mom, but from what I hear it is a great experience. That being said, I have seen women get so wrapped up in mothering activities they forget about their own. Which is totally fine, but I imagine for me it would be extremely difficult to return to life after children if I did not do my own thing during this time.

    You are better at managing time than anyone else I know! You ARE the definition of super mommy.

    I have so much respect for mothers who are in college! My mother got her masters when my brother and I were young and this DEFINITELY improved our childhood’s greatly. I am proud of you for obtaining an education on your own terms.

    Love you lots!

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